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This is a site created by Michele O'Mara, PhD in an effort to assist gender variant folks wishing to make friendly and safe connections with others with whom you can relate. This site is a simple, peer-run, space that invites you to share life experiences, resources and friendship. Though this site has been created by a therapist, this is NOT THERAPY or in anyway related to therapy.  This is a peer-based place to gather on the internet. Please respect yourself, each other, and the community you create here.

This peer-based community is free.  You must be sponsored by an existing member to join.  Once you register to join, the member who knows you must send an email to Michele O'Mara, serving as your sponsor and your personal GC buddy.



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Latest Site Activity

Charli Day

I am going to attend the IXE meeting this evening, anyone local want to join me?
IXE is a support group that meets at a church The doors open at 6...
I will be there about 6:30. Address is1818 W 57th St
. Hope to see someone I know there…

by Charli Day

Lara Landis

Lara trying to stand with support for the bad leg.

by Lara Landis

Lara Landis

Lara trying to stand without any leg support. (Note the bizarre facial expression.)

by Lara Landis

Lexus James

my new color ...intense copper orange.. luv luv luv

by Lexus James

Caithlyn Elliott

Fear is just excitement in need of an attitude adjustment. Why thank you Confucius, I knew your fortune cookies were worth reading.

by Caithlyn Elliott

Caithlyn Elliott

Is it just me, or when you get older, you have less time to get online and do anything. I have not been on this site in a long time, mostly because of how busy my schedule is. Oh well. Maybe it is just me, or maybe I am doing the right thing and not spending my life online.
Anyway, ... Well I was going to say something important then I remembered that anyone can view this online and I no longer can say what I wanted to say. Oh well. Sorry for bothering everyone.

by Caithlyn Elliott