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This is a site created by Michele O'Mara, PhD in an effort to assist gender variant folks wishing to make friendly and safe connections with others with whom you can relate. This site is a simple, peer-run, space that invites you to share life experiences, resources and friendship. Though this site has been created by a therapist, this is NOT THERAPY or in anyway related to therapy.  This is a peer-based place to gather on the internet. Please respect yourself, each other, and the community you create here.

This peer-based community is free.  You must be sponsored by an existing member to join.  Once you register to join, the member who knows you must send an email to Michele O'Mara, serving as your sponsor and your personal GC buddy.



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Teresa Leanne

I have seen The first couple of episodes of transparent. It's fantastic. I just need to set aside a bit more time to watch the whole series. Last spring, Jeffrey Tambor was the keynote speaker at SXSW EDU. Now, he's raking in the awards for his work on the show. I appreciate how raw and real the show is.

by Teresa Leanne at

Charli Day

Hi T, just to break the ice... Tell us a little more.

by Charli Day at

Natalie Erin Freeman

So, I have finally gone back to school and am working towards my ultimate goal. While things have not progressed at the rate that I wanted them to I am finding that sometimes things work out the way they do for a reason. Right now, I have to work to sublimate the fear that has worked its way back in to my life. I can see the final goal but I have started to let my fear make excuses for why I have not done what I know that I need to do. So it is with renewed vigor that I look to make myself active again at attaining my goal whilst putting myself back in the world as me once again.

by Natalie Erin Freeman