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This is a site created by Michele O'Mara, PhD in an effort to assist gender variant folks wishing to make friendly and safe connections with others with whom you can relate. This site is a simple, peer-run, space that invites you to share life experiences, resources and friendship. Though this site has been created by a therapist, this is NOT THERAPY or in anyway related to therapy.  This is a peer-based place to gather on the internet. Please respect yourself, each other, and the community you create here.

This peer-based community is free.  You must be sponsored by an existing member to join.  Once you register to join, the member who knows you must send an email to Michele O'Mara, serving as your sponsor and your personal GC buddy.



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Latest Site Activity

Lexus Cherry

Hope Everyone's doing well. . and Happy Holidays.. also if your on instagram im on there @LexusCherry and pinterest @LexusCherry..:)

by Lexus Cherry

Ashley Williams

Hey Tracie sorry didn't have your email address and had a email pop up in my junk emails and somehow I lost it. Sorry haven't talked to you in a while was wondering how things were going with you.I have been on hormones for three years now and I'm getting ready to get electrolysis done this next year and hope the the following year I can get my FFS & breast inplants done but depends on my money flow goes. I still am living two lives as a maleand as my true self.I'm still am on facebook as my male name Terry Williams. I"m still coming out to family and close friends as Ashley.I have two emails that you can get me at : & if you would like to get ahold of me. not geeting on here as much as I would like to. Take care .

by Ashley Williams

Lara Landis

Good morning everyone. The Transgender Day of Remembrance takes place in a week. Is anyone planning on attending any vigils?

by Lara Landis

Charli Day

ust looking for some components to put my PC to my TV and saw this. Then I started thinking... ouch it hurt so much

by Charli Day