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This is a site created by Michele O'Mara, PhD in an effort to assist gender variant folks wishing to make friendly and safe connections with others with whom you can relate. This site is a simple, peer-run, space that invites you to share life experiences, resources and friendship. Though this site has been created by a therapist, this is NOT THERAPY or in anyway related to therapy.  This is a peer-based place to gather on the internet. Please respect yourself, each other, and the community you create here.

This peer-based community is free.  You must be sponsored by an existing member to join.  Once you register to join, the member who knows you must send an email to Michele O'Mara, serving as your sponsor and your personal GC buddy.



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Lara Landis

My brother married for the second time today. I found out from another relative on Facebook last night. We never got along, but I still feel a little hurt.

by Lara Landis

Lara Landis

Quick question: What's your opinion of catcalls? I've received a few and have mixed feelings about them.

by Lara Landis

Caithlyn Elliott

So apparently I keep missing my chance for a raise at work which is sad :(. The first time was a very legit reason in which my grandpa ended up in the hospital and I ended up going to visit him and work was very understanding in the situation. They even said that I would get another chance. Then last week apparently when I was sick they ended up gathering people for the position again and I missed my chance yet again. I think I should just give up on it and move on from there. Oh well, Hope everyone else is trying to have a decent time. Smiles :)...

by Caithlyn Elliott

Lara Landis After a bit of confusion, my entry is in this book. This will be the second time my work has appeared in print. When I do wind up in print, it's often by accident. Jenn Dolari, whose Closetspace and A Wish for Wings cartoons you should go check out, told me about this. I actually wondered what I would say to my younger self and took it up as a writing project. There are actually some big names who contributed to this book, but they are trans activists, actors or web cartoonists from Texas. A lowly Pennsylvania Dutch blogger, freelance journalist, Oxford comma advocate, and professional cynic simply walks among giants. By the way, if you order this on July 12, the publisher wants me to tell you I'll sign your copy. I don't see this happening unless you live in or near Terre Haute or regularly see me in Plainfield or Indianapolis going to various appointments.

Letters for My Sisters: Transitional Wisdom in Retrospect

by Lara Landis